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Ritchie Cogan
Ritchie Cogan 19th February 2016


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IBT is sponsoring a pitch at the Sheffield Documentary Festival. We are offering development funding for the winning entry. We are looking for ideas that can engage the public with this challenging issue.

Climate change is one of the most important issues of our time. It has been given renewed impetus by last December’s UN talks in Paris. A global consensus has now been reached about the need for urgent action. But is the public ready for the changes that are needed to tackle the threat of climate change?

Engaging mainstream audiences with climate change is a huge creative challenge. Broadcasters are keen to give more air time to the subject, but they want filmmakers to find fresh approaches.

Sheffield Doc/Fest and IBT are inviting filmmakers to come up with their own suggestions for how climate change could be reported to appeal to a mainstream audience. The key is to find a fresh approach to this very familiar subject.

As a result of the COP21 talks in Paris, now is the time for action. IBT are asking filmmakers to focus on the next steps. What should government, business and people be doing to limit the increase in global temperatures? How can we reduce our carbon footprint? Where are the positive examples of change which can inspire us all?

IBT’s challenge to you is to suggest your own approach to this subject – and to find a story that that you think will cut through and have wide appeal.

IBT are not looking for films that tackle the subject of climate change head-on or focus on environmental issues but that look instead at aspects of life that are affected by climate change – the role of business and the energy sector, for example, or the role of consumers and changing patterns of consumption or the contribution of science and technology in achieving change. It is up to you to find an approach that you think will work.

This pitch is looking for documentary ideas that could be broadcast on television or online. This is a public pitch that will take place at Sheffield Doc/Fest 10 – 15 June 2016.

There are no restrictions on who can apply. All applicants are eligible.

IBT will be offering £4,000 in development funding to the winning pitch. The shortlisted entrants will receive training in pitching their project and the winner will be announced at Sheffield Doc/Fest.

The closing date for applications is March 31st 2016. To download an application form go to:


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