Meet the editor: Thomson Reuters Foundation’s Belinda Goldsmith on how NGOs should pitch stories

Chloe Choppen
Chloe Choppen 15th April 2020

For our first online IBT briefing, we welcomed Belinda Goldsmith, Editor-in-Chief at the Thomson Reuters Foundation. 

The Thomson Reuters Foundation aims to cover the world’s under reported stories across a range of issues including aid, development, women’s and LGBT+ rights and climate change.

“TRF is completely unique because all of our stories go out on the Reuters news wire. So we’ve got that global reach and reputation of Reuters which is something you cannot buy.”

During the session, Belinda explained how TRF works, including their relationship with the Reuters news wire, and shared details of the types of stories they look for. She highlighted that they have a priority on original journalism and breaking new stories, and that they are keen to know what the latest trends are and to make their reporting forward looking.

“We find the best stories are always human led stories.”

She also shared her tips for NGOs hoping to pitch her stories. Explaining that the focus of much of their reporting is the impact of issues on ordinary people and vulnerable communities, so it is important to always think about the human angle when pitching to them.

Belinda was then able to answer questions from IBT members, including Save the Children, Saferworld and Islamic Relief, who had an opportunity to pitch their ideas and understand more about TRF’s global audience.

Find out more in our ‘Meet the Editor’ interview below. Registered IBT Members can read the detailed briefing notes and watch the full briefing recording from the Membership Dashboard.


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