Ofcom consultation on holding the BBC to account for the delivery of its mission and public purposes

Ritchie Cogan
Ritchie Cogan 14th July 2017

The panel: (left to right) Simon Murphy, Tracy McVeigh, Tim Singleton, Sara Pantuliano, Patrick Gathara, Halima Begum and Mark Galloway.


Full Submission          Executive Summary

IBT proposes that Ofcom should include the volume of non-news international content the BBC broadcasts each year in its Performance Framework. This measurement should include international children’s programmes. Without measuring such content it will not be possible to fully assess the BBC’s delivery of its mission and purposes.

It is worth noting that Ofcom used to measure the volume of non-news PSB international content. Now that Ofcom has taken over regulation of the BBC, IBT believes it should re-introduce tagging of international content for all the PSBs because it is necessary to both assess BBC delivery of such content and to have an understanding of how BBC delivery compares with other public service broadcast provision.

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