Our original research helps charities and the media to create stories about the developing world which will interest people and inspire them to act.

The reports contain information about trends, opportunities and audience reaction to international programming which helps them better understand how to cut through the noise and reach mass audiences wherever they are. We are paying particular attention to online developments so members can maximize their digital reach and impact.

For a list of all Reports produced by IBT since 2006 please click here.


Podcasts: where next?

Podcasts at their best offer an unusually intimate and immersive experience and their huge growth in recent years shows that they are successfully connecting with audiences. But with tens of millions of podcasts now available, how can INGOs best take advantage of this trend? In this report we look at the changing podcast landscape, the […]

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The Challenge of Children’s TV: How to engage the YouTube generation with the wider world

Our goal is that children in the UK grow up with access to media which informs and engages them with the wider world. Find out more in our latest report…

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Rescue of rubber boat in Mediterranean Sea. Credit: MSF/Maud Veith/SOS Méditerranée

Faking It: Fake News and How it Impacts on the Charity Sector

Fake news is of course a very topical issue and much has been written about it, but this is the first report that examines the implications of fake news for the charity sector.

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Video First – making an impact

Organisations that want to reach audiences need to produce their own video content. But there are major challenges.

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Climate Change On Television

In this report, a year on from the historic Paris Agreement, we look at how broadcasters have covered climate change and related issues, and we make recommendations for how to enhance future coverage.

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