IBT’s lobbying exists to sustain and grow coverage of the developing world. This is key to building public interest which is the starting point for engagement and action.

For more than 30 years we have used our experience and research to represent our members’ interests at key moments, including BBC Charter and Channel 4 licence renewal, public service debates and scheduling negotiations.

As financial pressure and consumer choice grows, it has never been more important to keep up the pressure and fit the sector for the challenges ahead.




IBT’s primary concern is that audiences should continue to have access to high quality public service broadcast content which engages them with and informs them about the wider world. IBT supports Parliament’s original intention to provide prominence for high quality public service content in return for responsibilities placed on the Public Service Broadcasters to provide […]

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To the OFCOM Children’s Content Review January 2018

IBT believes that high quality television which provides British children with an understanding of the world they live in and broadens their horizons towards the wider world is a basic right.

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to Ofcom consultation on holding the BBC to account for the delivery of its mission and public purposes July 2017

IBT proposes that Ofcom should include the volume of non-news international content the BBC broadcasts each year in its Performance Framework.

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to DCMS on Channel 4’s regional impact July 2017

IBT’s research demonstrates that content on television is a dominant source of information about the world outside the UK and that for the past 35 years Channel 4 has played an important role in delivering such content which takes us beyond news headlines and engages us with the lives of people in other countries.

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To Ofcom on the regulation of the BBC for impartiality and accuracy January 2017

IBT’s primary interest is in Purpose 1 of the BBC in the Charter, to provide duly accurate and impartial news and information, which includes factual programmes and Purpose 5 to provide impartial, accurate and fair news for audiences around the world.

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