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“The best camera is the one that you have with you.” Everything you need to create engaging, attention-grabbing content is sitting in your back pocket. Gone are the days of dragging around a 30kg camera bag, 5 different lighting fixtures, 3 sound guys and a couple thousand pounds worth of complicated editing software. Smartphones have […]

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2018 has been the year of the podcast. Ofcom has found that about 6 million of us in the UK listen to podcasts on a weekly basis – a figure that has almost doubled over the last 5 years. With an endless catalogue of listening options, and more and more organisations turning to the format […]

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How ready are journalists to cover the big humanitarian stories?

An opinion piece by Kate Wright, co-author of The State of Humanitarian Journalism Should Save the Children play a key role in setting up a new worldwide register of suspected sex offenders, whilst being investigated by the charities Commission for its own failure to deal with allegations of sexual misconduct? Are feminist whistle-blowers being marginalised […]

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Dear journalists, we want to be more honest with you. For starters, don’t call us charities

An opinion piece By Simon O’Connell, Executive Director, Mercy Corps. Yumbe is about as far north and west in Uganda as it is possible to go. A dozen years ago I worked in this part of Africa, and I went back there recently. Much has changed. Four years of civil war in neighbouring South Sudan has […]

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Liz Corbin from BBC World News

Meeting the editors

So what happens at an IBT briefing? We hold these events regularly so that our members can meet face to face with media decision makers. Our last briefing was with Liz Corbin, Head of News at BBC World News. The BBC is, of course, a leading broadcaster when it comes to international content so we were all […]

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